Study says: Women talk a lot!

January 20, 2010

Social technologies or websites have arrived a big time. Facebook and Twitter are on the vanguard of much of the most active online social activity. As Forrester Research has updated its two year-old Social Technographics Ladder– added a new rung for Conversationalists

As you can see it includes ‘Conversationalists’:

Conversationalists reflects two changes. First, it includes not just Twitter members, but also people who update social network status to converse (since this activity in Facebook is actually more prevalent than tweeting). And second, we include only people who update at least weekly, since anything less than this isn’t much of a conversation.

For now this just includes US data, and is not reflected in their consumer profile toolbut I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before this changes. But not to worry women are always there to talk and talk and talk!

If you are wondering why the figures don’t add up to 100%? then:

That’s because the actual data told me that people participate in multiple behaviors, and not everyone at a higher level on the ladder actually does everything in the lower rungs.


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